Bank Basement Demo I

hmm... the gate is open.

This demo was built using ONLY Blender and the BGE replacement plugin Armory3D.

  • Click the screen and use WASD keys to move
  • Right-Click and drag mouse to look


On Varrock’s West Bank Basement Vault

I hope a few people enjoy this demo. The area is quite notable in the the game itself. With telekinetic grab being an available magic spell players usually try out their first cast at this location after reaching the appropriate level. At least that was the case back when I started playing. The placement of the various gold pieces and especially the ring made for some fun times. No one has ever been able to to obtain the ruby ring, it is impossible to stand at the right angel for the telekinetic grab spell to have a valid target.

I learned a few things from this. Blender is a very powerful tool. You can do almost anything with it. This is an amazing feature but also a dangerous pitfall. Since there is so much flexibility with how you can lay out your plan, you have to set clear goals or else you wont know when you are done with only 1 small aspect of the whole project. In my case I spent far too long in playing around with baking normal maps for the wall texture. Bellow are some screen shots of me doing that.

One of my main goals was to find a decent work flow from concept to finished demo. Varrok’s Bank basement was used for its layout, it has several object and a lot of light points. I plant to continue to work on this specific room. with the hopes of establishing an art style that at its core relies on blender alone and no external sources.

No need for Unity, GoDot, or JMonkey.

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